49th & Main Becomes the Face of Irish Indie Pop with “Up to Something”

Photo Credit: Paula Trojner (@fnati.c.ph)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 7, 2022

Made of Ben O’Sullivan and Paddy King, 49th & Main is our newest Irish indie pop obsession. Having experimented with trap and lo-fi beats, there’s nothing 49th & Main can’t do because they believe every idea is worth considering. Now returning with a summer-infused banger, 49th & Main has dropped their fun-loving new single, “Up to Something.”

A bass driven track with deliciously groovy licks, “Up to Something” will have your head bobbing without even realizing you look like a chicken pecking at food. Revolving around those carefree nights we’re spoiled with from time to time, “Up to Something” will definitely relieve you of at least some stress after one listen. With King’s earwormy vocals and O’Sullivan’s slick production, “Up to Something” is more than enough reason to add these Irish fellas to your radar. 

On “Up to Something,” 49th & Main shared,

“This is a long night, forgotten conversations, and empty wallets kinda tune that you just can’t help [but] dance to.”

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