Ray Laurél Dreams Up His Ideal Afternoon in “COCONUT PERFUME”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 5, 2022

We wouldn’t be all that surprised if you’ve never come across Ray Laurél before because he only recently made his groundbreaking debut. This London-based newcomer crafts deliciously complex tracks that’ll make your jaw drop to the floor. With an innate creativity unlike any other, Laurél is pleased to present his intoxicating new single, “COCONUT PERFUME.”

Drenched in irresistibly sultry vocals and the haziest guitars, “COCONUT PERFUME” is a refreshing cut we could play on repeat for days. As Laurél dreams up his ideal afternoon, “COCONUT PERFUME” transports us to a calming oasis where nothing else matters. By the end of this precious track, we’re in awe of how much potential Laurél has, and we can only hope to hear his indie-alternative jams blasting everywhere in the months to come.

On “COCONUT PERFUME,” Ray Laurél explained,

“I romanticize my life on a daily basis; it’s fun but pretty tiring, haha. With this song, I’m simply romanticizing a ‘perfect date:’ drinking wine [and] listening to Stevie Wonder under the sun, surrounded by nature. I remember having a crush on this girl who always wore coconut perfume back in high school; it just reminds me of summer.”

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