Matilda Mann’s “Hell” Is Surely a Conversation Starter

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 5, 2022

Ever since we first discovered Matilda Mann, we couldn’t deny that there’s something incredibly special about this 22-year-old. The West Londoner has a way with words and music that really can’t be mimicked, and it’s about time you experience this for yourself. Opening up about some deeply intimate topics, Mann has spilled her heart on the page with her vulnerable new single, “Hell.”

On “Hell,” Matilda Mann reflected,

“I think this time, it’s more than just releasing a song. I’m going to be talking about a really big part of why I write and show such a vulnerable side of myself to strangers. The subject of sexual assault is always something I’ve struggled to talk about, so I guess the main way I’ve been able to face it, is through music. I hope releasing this song starts conversations–conversations between friends/family/trusted ones–helps people, who have been coping by themselves. Making the subject less scary and open.”

As Mann croons about her harrowing experiences with sexual assault, “Hell” reminds us that people find themselves in similar situations more often than we’d think. Listening past the ominous instrumentals, “Hell” really captures just how purely stunning Mann’s vocals are. All in all, Mann intended for the sensitive nature of this emotive track to encourage people to speak up about sexual assault, and we second that notion.

“It’s not a song of heartbreak, of forgiveness, or losing someone or ending something. It’s anger and exhaustion. It was written so quickly because it was everything I had to say. This song means more to me than I’ll ever be able to express. Thank you Jonah Summerfield for writing it with me.”

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