Peter Gural Overcomes Long Distance Woes with “Best I’ve Ever Had”

Photo Credit: Dan Cowden (@dancowden_design)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 4, 2022

We’ll admit that Peter Gural hasn’t been on our radar for long, but we’re more than certain that he’s a keeper. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Gural lost himself to substance abuse and upon recovery, he gained a motivation to help others find their way back to themselves. Using music as his means of communication, Gural has unveiled his lovely new single, “Best I’ve Ever Had.”

Dedicated to Gural’s romantic partner whom he’d just moved 300 miles away from, “Best I’ve Ever Had” is a musical love letter made for long distance relationships. Layered with jangly guitars and breezy instrumentals, “Best I’ve Ever Had” will wholeheartedly revive any admiration you’ve ever had for surf rock. After one listen, we’re holding onto faith that Gural’s partner feels the same way and that their reunion will be worth all their time apart. 

On “Best I’ve Ever Had,” Peter Gural shared, 

“It takes a lot of influences from retro surf rock to express the feeling of a carefree afternoon in late June. What inspired me to write this song was moving 300 miles away from my partner, dreaming of when I would get to see her after I graduated school.”

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