Brigetta Is a Self-Proclaimed “Immature” Drama Queen

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 4, 2022

If you love bubble gum pop, Brigetta needs to be on your radar immediately. The Nashville singer-songwriter makes it practically impossible to not pay attention to her witty lyricism and catchy choruses. Ready to share her relatable experiences as a woman in her 20’s, Brigetta has dropped her infectious new single, “Immature.”

On “Immature,” Brigetta shared,

“I wrote this song about my unhealthy habits in my relationship.”

Like nearly every other Gen Zer, Brigetta is emotionally complicated and struggles with relationship boundaries, but that’s exactly why she’s gaining so much traction today with “Immature.” Although Brigetta wishes she could be the mature one in her relationship, “Immature” has the self-proclaimed drama queen admitting that she has plenty of questionable traits that wouldn’t allow it. Between Brigetta’s pitch-perfect vocals and bouncy production, “Immature” is set to be a summer bop we’ll be hearing in just about every department store.

“The girls that get it, get it. The girls that don’t, don’t.”

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