Mercer’s “Strangers” Is a Friendship Break Up Anthem

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 1, 2022

Mercer Henderson may exude an innocent girl-next-door image, but she’s actually an insanely gifted singer-songwriter who’s about to change your life. The San Francisco native is now living the New York lifestyle with nothing but music and creativity on her mind. Without further ado, we invite you to jam along to Mercer’s flawless new single, “Strangers.”

Mercer is a human who goes through friendship breakups just like the rest of us, but where she differs is her innate ability to transform this unfortunate experience into a gravity-defying ballad. As Mercer lifts our souls with her charismatic vocals in “Strangers,” the impeccable production sets the scene for a soothing summer bop. If you’re feeling brave enough, you’re more than welcome to tell your ex-bestie how much you miss them by sending them “Strangers.”

On “Strangers,” Mercer shared,

“Have you ever had a best friend who you spent all your time with and all of a sudden you go through a friend breakup and you wish you could go back to how it was? Well, my friend and I just wrote a song about it.”

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