Elliot Lee’s “54321” Is a Dark Pop Masterpiece

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 1, 2022

Openly queer and nonbinary trans, Elliot Lee has been a trailblazer in the dark pop sphere for quite some time. The Brooklyn-based mastermind combines eccentric instrumentals with unbelievable production to create an impeccable fusion of exactly who they are as a musical artist. Now ready to dominate your airwaves, Lee has dropped an exceptionally catchy new single, “54321.”

“54321” is the epitome of Lee’s bravado and raw ability to craft a hidden hit if we know anything about underrated music. Revolving around the constant string of lies we may find ourselves telling, “54321” suggests that it can be the sole factor of why certain relationships fall apart. To top it off, the accompanying video goes above and beyond to visualize what it’d be like to be trapped in our own web of lies, which we’d imagine is much similar to a dusty prison cell.

On “54321,” Elliot Lee explained,

“Sometimes when you catch someone lying it’s easier to just sit back and watch them lie than to confront them about it. But when their lies keep piling up, it can get to the point where there’s no way to distinguish what’s true anymore. Your realities become separate, with one of you living in the real world and the other living in a fake world spun out of lies. There’s no reconciling once it gets to that point.”

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