Betty Bass Calls out People Pleasers in “Self First”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 1, 2022

One of our favorite rising Danes, Betty Bass has an infectious presence that’ll win you over with ease. Not only do her stunning vocals sweep everyone else off the floor, but her tendency to channel the most soulful version of herself is unmatched. If you haven’t already, let Bass wow you with her vulnerable new single, “Self First.”

For all of you people pleasers out there, Bass will set you straight with “Self First.” Between the R&B elements and precious harmonies, “Self First” is a sonic dream fit for the gods. By the end of this self-love anthem, we hope you’ve learned to be happy and put yourself first.

On “Self First,” Betty Bass explained,

“Sometimes you need to put yourself first and let go of things that no longer make you happy. It’s about being honest to yourself and maybe being a little selfish for once. I think a lot about my friends who have broken up with their boyfriends. They really had a hard time with both having heartbreaks themselves, but also feeling a huge sense of guilt for making someone they care about so sad. This song is for them!”

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