Francis Karel Cherishes the Past with “Small Talk”

Photo Credit: Callum Walker Hutchinson (@callumwalkerhutchinson)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 30, 2022

Originally from Jakarta, Francis Karel is an exceptional artist who unexpectedly got his start by clumsily spilling coffee in front of a top record executive. Now based in sunny Los Angeles, the 23-year-old has shared several viral TikToks that showcase how truly unbelievable his raw talent is. Adding yet another fantastic cut to his growing repertoire, Karel is pleased to present his precious new single, “Small Talk.”

On “Small Talk,” Francis Karel reflected,

“A good thing can end and still be a good, regardless of how long or short it existed in your life.”

Although “Small Talk” may sound melancholy, it’s actually a stunning ballad about Karel cherishing his past experiences with someone special. With impeccable harmonies and cinematic string arrangements, “Small Talk” practically lifts us off the ground as it builds momentum. If you haven’t already, spin “Small Talk” and take some time to appreciate the smallest moments in your life that you take for granted. 

“I didn’t realize it at first, but a lot of the songs I’ve written have been very therapeutic for me to listen back to. It’s like each song is a part of the process of closing chapters. I think it’s because of how I allow myself to feel in the songs compared to how I tend to neglect them in reality.”

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