MARBLES Relaxes Overthinking Minds with “Heading Out”

Photo Credit: Marcus Widmer (@marcusvvidmer) and Marius Ringen (@mariusringen)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 28, 2022

To be completely honest, we’re a bit embarrassed that we hadn’t heard of MARBLES until now… because this Norwegian dream pop band deserves to be on everyone’s radar. Made up of Ferdinand Widmer, Marius Ringen, Adrian Sandberg, and Marcus Widmer, the fellas of MARBLES quickly realized that they shared similar tastes in indie and disco, so it was obvious what direction they’d go in. Years after that momentous decision, MARBLES is making waves in the dream pop landscape with their utterly precious new single, “Heading Out.”

With a mission to encapsulate excitement and anticipation in “Heading Out,” MARBLES succeeds at instilling in us this dire need to get outside and dance along. Drenched in irresistible synths and luscious bass lines, “Heading Out” is an indie lover’s dream soundscape. Even if disco-inspired dream pop isn’t your cup of tea, we’re certain that “Heading Out” is well worth your time because it’ll relax your overthinking mind in ways you didn’t know were possible. 

On “Heading Out,” MARBLES shared,

“It’s not just about the luxury of being able to travel; it’s about finding your own little precious moment amidst your normal day to day situation. Maybe even just in your mind and with your imagination! Being aware of a contrast between your everyday life and what you feel can be – and what you can do. Defining it is up to you.”

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