Avery Lynch Takes Accountability with “i’m sorry if i hurt u sometimes”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 28, 2022

Avery Lynch has held a deeply intimate connection with music since childhood, and it’s only gotten stronger as the Pennsylvania native continues to hone her craft. No stranger to spilling her heart on the page, Lynch boasts an impressive discography that’s made of heartbreak ballads and introspective letters to herself. Rather than penning a melancholy song about someone breaking her heart, Lynch is turning the tables with her self-realizing new single, “i’m sorry if i hurt you sometimes.”

On “i’m sorry if i hurt u sometimes,” Avery Lynch reflected,

“‘i’m sorry if i hurt u sometimes’ is about the realization that the relationship you planned on being in forever isn’t what you want anymore, and looking back, it was never really what you made it out to be in your head. It’s essentially an apology to that person for hurting them by taking away the plans you both made, and for hurting them in the process of realizing you want other things.”

Between the gut wrenching pianos and stripped down vocals, “i’m sorry if i hurt u sometimes” has us sobbing as if Lynch really is breaking up with us. Although there’s no denying that this delicate track is incredibly emotive, it’s also considerably well-written and reveals a brutally honest side of Lynch. The accompanying visual follows a timeless coming-of-age narrative as Lynch eventually finds herself swaying on the park swings alone. 

“The feeling of the song has that nostalgic movie feeling you get when the main character has a moment to themselves to process whatever happened in the scene before it, and I really wanted to capture that in the video.”

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