Chris Hart Reminds Us to “Slow It Down” with an Irresistible Falsetto

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 27, 2022

Currently based in Atlanta, Chris Hart impresses us by single handedly writing, recording, producing, and mixing his entire discography. Having played the guitar since he was a child, it’s no surprise that his instrumentation is exquisite. Going through the highs and lows of being an independent artist, Hart has a crucial message for us in his pulsating new single, “Slow It Down.”

On “Slow It Down,” Chris Hart explained,

“This song is about taking a break from everything going on in your life. The world is busy and people get bogged down with work and other things. They never stop moving and it’s all for the goal of a little bit of relaxation or personal time on the weekend, and then you do that your whole life and you retire. It’s very depressing to me since you only get so much time on this Earth.”

Just like the rest of us, Hart often finds himself guilty of being too stuck in the grind of life that he forgets to enjoy the simplest pleasures. Because of that, “Slow It Down” is his way of reminding us of how short life can be while treating us to his irresistible falsetto. Needless to say, Hart is a purely underrated artist we can’t wait to watch grow over the next few years.

“The song is basically asking the listener to stop and smell the roses sometimes! Life is too short to work yourself to death. It’s a very danceable pop tune that I think goes well with the summertime. I hope people listen to it at the beach and on road trips and while doing other fun things like that.”

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