ROSIE Learns to Love Her Body in “Something I Hate” 

Photo Credit: Ragan Henderson (@raganhenderson)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 24, 2022

ROSIE is the 22-year-old from New York living life as purely and authentically as she can. The stunning songstress prides herself on using no filters and makeup to inspire others to feel confident in their own skin every day. Now back with a deeply intimate track, ROSIE has unveiled her poignant new single, “Something I Hate.”

After years of working through body dysmorphia and eating disorders, ROSIE has finally shed light on what the taxing journey has been like in “Something I Hate.” The therapeutic acoustics paired with ROSIE’s vulnerable vocals paint a serene picture of what self acceptance looks like. More than anything, “Something I Hate” is a gorgeous ballad that pulls on our heartstrings and reminds us of the beauty within each and every one of us.

On “Something I Hate,” ROSIE shared,

“Creating ‘Something I Hate’ was such a painful yet cathartic experience for me. I’ve always tried to write about what scares me, but speaking on such deep-rooted insecurities such as body dysmorphia and eating disorders was truly terrifying. I hope this song reaches every single person who needs to hear it and that it helps to heal others the way creating it has healed me.”

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