Kevin Holliday’s “Out of Me” Is Equal Parts Funky and Soulful

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 22, 2022

A Brooklyn native, Kevin Holliday can’t be contained within just one genre because he really does invite his music to take him wherever it wants to go. Inspired by the likes of Prince and Pharrell Williams, this rising mastermind has taken full advantage of every lockdown period by crafting precious tracks without distractions. To introduce you to his genre-bending sensibilities, Holliday will win you over with his orgasmic new single, “Out of Me.”

Written about being in a long distance relationship during a seemingly never ending pandemic, “Out of Me” hears Holliday’s sultry vocals against the funkiest guitar plucks. Not only is “Out of Me” equal parts funky and soulful, but it’s also the perfect exhibit of what Holliday’s sonic fusion can achieve. Even if you’ve never lived thousands of miles away from your significant other, “Out of Me” will make you feel like you have.

On “Out of Me,” Kevin Holliday explained,

“It was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. We got so close, but all of our conversations were over Facetime. It was hard to decipher where reality started and ended. I unexpectedly learned a lot about myself during this time; how to set boundaries, what I was okay with and how to take another person’s well being into account.”

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