Phangs Reclaims Pop Rock with “My Parents Love You”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 22, 2022

Easily one of our favorite Nashville acts of all time, Phangs is stepping into his own as an alternative pop rock icon in the making. As a matter of fact, the last time we went to a Phangs show, we couldn’t get his infectious set out of our head for weeks. Now back with more rock sensibilities than ever before, Phangs bestows upon you his electrifying new single, “My Parents Love You.”

Trust us when we say “My Parents Love You” will transport you back to the ‘90s and ‘00s when the hottest ticket in town was pop rock bands. Realizing how much more difficult it’d be to part ways with someone who’s made a lasting impression on his friends and family, Phangs wavers between staying and leaving in “My Parents Love You.” More than anything, we’re ready to grab our Simple Plan tees from storage and sing our hearts out at Phangs’ upcoming tour.

On “My Parents Love You,” Phangs shared,

“My new song ‘My Parents Love You’ is out and it’s yours!! I wrote this song with Corey Mouch from 90’S KIDS and sent him a text with just the title line on January 24th and we wrote the whole thing the next day! I love this song and I hope you do too!”

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