Vacant Weekend Gets Down and Funky with Debut “All Over”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 20, 2022

Bonded by their love of ‘70s funk and ‘00s indie rock, the fellas of Cumbria-based Vacant Weekend decided to finally make music of their own, and we’re so glad they did. Something this gifted trio holds dear to their hearts is living unapologetically and embracing themselves–especially when haters try to tear them down. Ahead of their upcoming live shows, Vacant Weekend has unveiled their orgasmic debut single, “All Over.”

Not only do the funk-laden grooves leave us absolutely gobsmacked, but Vacant Weekend’s cheeky lyricism is also doing all the right things in our book. Needless to say, we truly believe “All Over” is a sonic gift you’d be foolish to turn down. But most importantly, “All Over” establishes Vacant Weekend as one of our favorite breakout bands of the year.

On “All Over,” Vacant Weekend shared,

“‘All Over’ is our debut single as Vacant Weekend… The track is the result of us jamming after a set in Shap in December 2020. It’s full of punchy, get up and dance energy, paired with catchy hooks from our lead singer Alex Beston.” 

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