Andrés Alcover Searches for Understanding in “Where Did We Go Wrong?”

Photo Credit: Cecilia Mari (@ceciliamari__)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 17, 2022

The only Majorcan-born singer-songwriter who writes, produces, and arranges his own material who we know of is Andrés Alcover. With a passion for traveling and music making, Alcover seeks inspiration from anything and everything life has to offer. As his first release this year, Alcover has unveiled his introspective new single, “Where Did We Go Wrong?”

On “Where Did We Go Wrong,” Andrés Alcover offered,

“I lived quite fiercely through my early 20s; somewhat blindly in pursuit of a dream, an end-goal that I was convinced would just land eventually. I felt like that time flashed before my eyes and I suddenly collided with my own existence. So much had happened but I felt like I had nothing to show for it, just a crippling sense of emptiness and detachment from reality.”

Written at a time when Alcover split his time between Spain and the UK, “Where Did We Go Wrong?” showcases wholesome keys and textured percussion recorded in an abandoned theater-turned-studio in Majorca. The lyricism is quite existential, but that’s exactly why listeners are so drawn to Alcover and his internal search for understanding. More than anything, “Where Did We Go Wrong?” suggests that dreams are always meant to be chased, so don’t give up on yours.

“It seemed delusional, even irrational, to feel hopeful but somehow the feeling still lived inside me along with the ragged remnants of whatever dream I’d had for myself. I think the song was inspired by this realization, and also by the realization that I’m still young and it’s better to keep chasing something than nothing at all.” 

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