Rooted Is the Asian American Kid Band We’ve Been “Waiting” For

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 16, 2022

Whoever says middle schoolers can’t be rockstars is completely wrong because the ambitious kids of Rooted have proven otherwise. When they’re performing together, Shalom Lim, Genevieve Thai, Valen Shieh, Karissa Lee, and Selina Ye are unstoppable forces that undoubtedly belong onstage. Unknowingly making the Asian American community proud, Rooted has finally introduced themselves to the world with their charismatic debut single, “Waiting.”

On “Waiting,” Rooted explained,

“The idea behind ‘Waiting’ is about wanting something or someone in life, but being so afraid of not getting it that you don’t even dare to try.”

A retro-modern track that’ll please all generations, “Waiting” features melodic hooks, vintage pop touches, and youthful energy throughout. What’s special about Rooted is that they take inspiration from music way before their time, which creates a sense of nostalgia and familiarity for older listeners. Setting their charming personalities aside, the Rooted kids are beyond gifted, so you’d better familiarize yourself with them before they really take off.

“Sometimes the expectations and goals that people have of themselves can overwhelm them to the point of a mental and emotional shutdown.”

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