Zoe Ko Quits Self Sabotaging with Moody Debut “Line”

Photo Credit: Carina (@rlyblonde)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // June 15, 2022

You’d better make room on your playlists for the alternative pop newcomer known as Zoe Ko because she’s destined for a skyrocket trajectory that’ll take off at any moment. The New York-based 21-year-old is an undergraduate at NYU, but when she’s not studying or attending classes, Ko lives a second life as an underground songstress ready to take on the world. As her grand entrance into the music industry, Ko has unveiled her immaculate debut single, “Line.”

On “Line,” Zoe Ko shared,

“Scream this to yourself in the mirror and you might convince yourself to stop self sabotaging.”

Driven by electric guitars and thriving percussion, “Line” perfectly encapsulates Ko at her moody core. As Ko analyzes why she doesn’t feel deserving of a healthy relationship, “Line” reminds us of when we’ve faced our own insecurities and self-doubts. Shot in a vacant New York subway, the accompanying visual serves as a metaphor of how lonely Ko has felt with her thoughts as the train rushes her through the journey of life. 

“I can’t believe my music is really out there in the world and real humans are listening to it and vibing to it right now!! It’s so cool and special.”

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