Dylan Sets Standards for Herself with “You’re Not Harry Styles”

Photo Credit: Dave East (@daveast)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // December 3, 2021

Like most of us, Dylan thoroughly enjoys blasting music so loudly to the point that it may be damaging to our ears. But where she differs is her innate ability to craft indie pop bangers that’ll leave you absolutely speechless. Now that she realized how imperative it is that the world hears this, Dylan has unleashed her bold new single, “You’re Not Harry Styles.”

If anyone’s ever made you feel less than what you know you’re worth, please send them “You’re Not Harry Styles.” An ode to the former One Direction stunner, “You’re Not Harry Styles” has Dylan setting standards and reclaiming her self-worth. To top it off, the energetic music video shows us exactly what it’ll be like to finally see Dylan perform in person.

On “You’re Not Harry Styles,” Dylan shared,

“‘You’re Not Harry Styles’ is a comeback song I wrote after being messed around by someone. It’s my way of describing that moment of realization when it clicks that someone isn’t worth the frustration and hurt they’re causing you… Especially when they’re not of the standard that Harry Styles has set. Writing this song gave me the empowerment to get back my self-worth.”

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