Jayde Spills Her Heart on the Page with “i’d still die for u” 

Photo Credit: Taylor Mosher (@taylor.mosherr)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 19, 2021

Coming a long way since the teen singing competitions she dominated years ago, Jayde is now a 22-year-old with plenty of life experiences to transfer to paper. Jayde’s effervescent pop sensibilities remind us of an empty house after a chaotic rager, which is exactly what we’re looking for. After gushing over her for so long, we highly recommend you sniffle along to Jayde’s emotional new single, “i’d still die for u.”

What we’d describe as raw and unfiltered, “i’d still die for u” is a stunning offering that really spotlights Jayde’s untouchable vocals. This heart wrenching ballad accurately represents how much love Jayde has to give and how massive her heart is – even to those who’ve hurt her. Adding a visual component, the “i’d still die for u” video was shot on a Panasonic camcorder and perfectly captures the aftermath of a breakup. 

On “i’d still die for u,” Jayde explained,

“‘i’d still die for u’ is a song about the emotional turmoil that comes along with a breakup. When you leave any sort of relationship, the love and compassion doesn’t typically disappear, at least for me it doesn’t. This song is a really beautiful conversation about how despite needing to give up on the relationship, you will always hold love for that person.”

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