Ida Laurberg Takes Us on an Exhilarating Journey in “Singing Mars A Lullaby”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 19, 2021

We’ve come across plenty of insanely gifted artists this year, but Ida Laurberg may be our favorite discovery of 2021. A 20-year-old Danish with boundless ambition and innate talent, Laurberg writes her own material and it’s always out of this world. If you’re up for a musical journey of a lifetime, Laurberg invites you onto her rocket ship by way of her sensational new single, “Singing Mars A Lullaby.”

On “Singing Mars A Lullaby,” Ida Laurberg shared,

“On my latest single ‘Personal Letters,’ I started working with a more 00’s pop/rock/punk sound than what I’ve done before. This was how ‘Singing Mars A Lullaby’ came to life. I usually write about personal experiences such as heartbreaks, bad friendships, and stuff like that. Now I felt like writing about something larger than that from the outside world, but which still affects me somehow.”

“Singing Mars A Lullaby” is jaw-dropping, thrilling, and tenacious unlike anything you’ve heard before – especially coming from Laurberg. Even if the dramatic chords aren’t enough to capture your attention, you’ll undoubtedly be blown away by the exhilarating riffs just past the halfway mark. Lyrically, Laurberg uses “Singing Mars A Lullaby” to ridicule the extremely wealthy for paying millions of dollars to visit space instead of helping our planet.

“‘Singing Mars a Lullaby’ is about billionaires’ strange wishes of traveling into space instead of spending their enormous amount of assets on helping our world. About how it shouldn’t be possible to possess that amount of money. And mostly, it’s about how these types of people are probably going to end up feeling pretty lonely at some point.”

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