Alexa Cappelli Protects Herself From Heartbreak in “Whiplash”

Photo Credit: Adam Quinn (@admquinn)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 19, 2021

Los Angeles songstress Alexa Cappelli has always been considerably musically driven, but it was after high school that she really thought about pursuing music more seriously. The 22-year-old fully believes music is meant to make people feel connected to each other, which is exactly what she strives to do in her music making process. Without further ado, Cappelli continues to impress the pop community with her resolute new single, “Whiplash.”

Jumping into relationships can be incredibly intimidating, but Cappelli has discovered the perfect security blanket for herself, which she shares with us in “Whiplash.” Instrumentally, “Whiplash” is layered with lovely acoustic guitars and pulsating beats that have us begging for more. To top it off, the accompanying video has Cappelli running off with her girlfriends when she’s had too much of a guy.

On “Whiplash,” Alexa Cappelli reflected,

“Relationships are so special and I’ve noticed that in my attempts to keep the peace when talking to someone new, I end up trying to create a security blanket through disclaimers. It is partly an unnecessary safety mechanism I’ve developed, because it’s a given that not everything in life works out. I’m still learning that real love is found in taking that risk.”

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