Bealby Point Fantasizes Love in “Mermaid From L.A”

Photo Credit: Sam Fazio (@samfazio)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // November 12, 2021

2018 was a turning point for the fellas of Bealby Point because that’s the year they connected as musicians, rather than as just friends. With a sense of nostalgia and 2000s indie rock, this Vancouver quartet is showcasing their talents like never before. With no plans of slowing down, Bealby Point proves exactly why they’re worth your time with their groovy new single, “Mermaid From L.A.”

On “Mermaid From L.A.,” Bealby Point shared,

“The ‘Mermaid From L.A.’ is a metaphor for this love of your life that has been crafted in your own self-interest, failing to acknowledge both sides of a relationship. Instead of learning about the other person and relating to them, there exists a fantasy that you know exactly who they should be for you.”

Plenty of us have become infatuated with the idea of being with someone at one point or another, and Bealby Point captures this perfectly in “Mermaid From L.A.” Drenched in electrifying guitar solos and top notch percussion work, “Mermaid From L.A.” sets the tone for Bealby Point’s rowdy live sets. By the end of this delightful indie rock jam, we’re pumped to hear what else Bealby Point has in store for us.

“This funky and energetic tune began as one of our band’s oldest jams. As our musical skills have developed, it has blossomed into one of our most intricate songs and a favorite during our live sets.”

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