Join Weston Estate for an Impromptu Disco with “Stoked”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 29, 2021

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Weston Estate yet because these North Carolina fellas are doing all the right things. Dubbed “ya aunty’s favorite boy band,” this dynamic five-piece has built up their organic following by simply releasing unbeatable tracks. To give you a taste of their wild side, Weston Estate has unleashed their buzzy new single, “Stoked.”

Weston Estate’s lo-fi alternative pop has always caught our attention, but “Stoked” introduces us to a version of them we’ve never heard before. Layered with playful electronics and dancey beats, “Stoked” gets us up on our feet almost instantly. Directed by Angel Orozco, the 70’s-inspired visual has Weston Estate dancing the night away in a makeshift disco, and they’ve specifically asked that you join them for a good time. 

On “Stoked,” Weston Estate shared,

“We started making this song as a joke after our trip to the mountains. We wanted to make something groovy and light after we made some songs that were more serious. We had too much fun making it, and when we played it back, we realized it was simply too hard to not release. We hope people can throw this song on at a function or in the car and just dance as mindlessly as we were when we made this song.”

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