noelle Gets Vengeful with “Hope You’re Happy”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 29, 2021

After graduating high school in 2018, noelle jumped head first into pursuing a music career, and we’re so glad she did. The 20-year-old Canadian has vocal sensibilities like we’ve never heard before, so it’s about time you familiarize yourself with noelle. With a knack for transforming real life situations into heartbreaking ballads, noelle is back with a vengeful new single, “Hope You’re Happy.”

On “Hope You’re Happy,” noelle explained,

“‘Hope You’re Happy’ was a really unique song for me to write. I’m so passionate about creating sad ballads about love but I wanted this one to be more powerful for the listener. We’ve all been faced with the situation of seeing someone we loved with a new person and while we want to take the high road, sometimes vengeance is the real emotion that stirs within us.”

While some of you may genuinely wish the best for your exes, noelle feels beyond betrayed and “Hope You’re Happy” enlists karma to do its job. Needless to say, noelle’s soaring falsetto astounds us to the point where we don’t know how to contain ourselves. Beyond that, the “Hope You’re Happy” video has noelle destroying a mirror that symbolizes her finally returning to herself. 

“Shooting this video allowed me to stand in my power, thinking about every person who has had to walk away from a relationship that wasn’t working for them. To me, smashing that mirror signifies the destruction of what was and a return to yourself, finally letting go of the person who was holding you back.”

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