Dylan Dunn Channels His Love of Alternative Rock in Debut “Such A Freak”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 29, 2021

Born in Nashville and based in Memphis, Dylan Dunn is finally sharing his musical talent with the world, and we’re totally here for it. Although he’s only 18 years old, Dunn seeks inspiration from practically everything as if he’s lived an entire lifetime. Ahead of his forthcoming debut EP, Blue Like You, Dunn is pleased to present his charming debut single, “Such A Freak.”

Channeling the alternative rock lover within, Dunn incorporates electrifying guitars and booming percussion slams that’ll send a rush down your spine. In “Such A Freak,” Dunn highlights the obvious divide between infatuation and love, which is definitely something we should all have figured out before getting involved. To top it off, the “Such A Freak” video is presented in red and blue toned shots to present the ever changing emotions we go through in pursuit of love. 

On “Such A Freak,” Dylan Dunn shared,

“I wrote ‘Such A Freak’ because I had always wanted to make a song that was more realistic to what being in a great relationship actually is. I’ve always thought that true chemistry loves small quirks in their partner’s personality that others might not find desirable.”

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