dexter Can’t Get a Grip of Her Restless Mind in “Paper Cup”

Photo Credit: Joseph Clarke (@josephcphoto)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 25, 2021

dexter is undoubtedly our favorite South West Londoner making a name for herself in 2021. For most of last year, dexter kept her music a secret from family and friends, but it’d be impossible to do so now because of how much traction she’s gotten lately. Destined for success, dexter is treating us to a delectable new single, “Paper Cup.”

On “Paper Cup,” dexter shared,

“‘Paper Cup’ is about me feeling overwhelmed by my thoughts and how that can often stop me from doing the simplest of things. For example: just getting a cup of water to drink, that’s why it’s called ‘Paper Cup.’ I would’ve just sung ‘cup’ but it sounded better with paper.”

With subtle dance beats, “Paper Cup” is a bedroom pop-infused lo-fi offering we really can’t get enough of. More than anything, dexter’s introspective lyrics resonate with listeners who can’t seem to get a grip of their restless mind. By the end of “Paper Cup,” we’re in awe of how dexter manages to capture our attention with the utmost ease.

“I also really wanted to make a song that was kind of dancey as I don’t really have any like that, something that has a more fast paced vibe to it and that’s different to what I have done before.”

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