Sophia Alexa’s Worldview Shatters Instantly in “House of Cards”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 19, 2021

Born in California, raised in Amsterdam, and based in London, Sophia Alexa has been somewhat of a nomad throughout her lifetime. Seeing as how she was constantly on the move, Alexa mainly performed for her family, but now she’s ready to let the world in on her deeply mature songwriting. Without further ado, we invite you to fall in love with Alexa’s vulnerable new single, “House of Cards.”

On “House of Cards,” Sophia Alexa shared,

“‘House of Cards’ was written from the realization that my old self beliefs were built on a foundation that required external validation. It’s a moment in time where I blindly followed the beliefs of others rather than my own.”

Opening up about what it was like to have her worldview shattered in an instant, Alexa does some major reflecting in “House of Cards.” Underneath Alexa’s soothing vocals, we’re treated to moody guitars and roaring acoustics fit for a crying session on our bedroom floor. In the accompanying visual, Alexa is transported into an orange miniature house she stumbled upon in the woods, but how long will it be before she experiences cabin fever?

“The chorus is the moment when the glass shatters and what you thought to be true falls apart. I remember going into the studio that day with no concept in mind – just an overwhelming feeling of emotions that I could only translate into a metaphor as fragile as a house of cards.”

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