HOAX’s “goldeneyes” Unlocks Pure Euphoria Within Us

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 11, 2021

The musical brainchild of Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar, HOAX has always been one of our all-time favorite discoveries. Unafraid of experimentation in every sense, HOAX will treat you to a slow burning, introspective cut one day and bust out a romantic, violin-infused ballad the next day. If you haven’t experienced HOAX’s otherworldly effervescence yet, we highly suggest you lose yourself to their euphoric new single, “goldeneyes.”

More than anything, “goldeneyes” is a shimmery offering filled with eclectic sonics that are meant to inspire your path to happiness. Not only do the HOAX fellas get us to sway through the entire song, but they also ignite something within us that we can’t quite pinpoint. By the end of this tantalizing track, you’ll realize how valuable HOAX can be to your everyday life. 

On “goldeneyes,” HOAX reflected,

“While the vibe of ‘goldeneyes’ emits ‘feel-good’ vibes, the point is not to preach a million-dollar pyramid scheme of happiness through realization, but rather hope that through listening to this song, it will maybe unlock some euphoric moment of freedom where you just truly are happy, or at the least, identify what it is that truly allows you to be. And if that doesn’t work, there are always drugs.”

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