grentperez Will Bring Out the Hopeless Romantic in You with “My Heart It Beats for You”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // October 11, 2021

A month ago, we discovered grentperez, and to be totally honest with you… we haven’t been able to get him out of our mind since. An incredibly charming Australia native, grentperez has been blessing his YouTube subscribers with his soulful crooning since 2013. Now ready to share his original music with a larger audience, grentperez is spoiling us with his darling new single, “My Heart It Beats for You.”

On “My Heart It Beats for You,” grentperez shared,

“‘My Heart It Beats For You’ was initially created live on Twitch, where I started the song and the chat would type out some lyrics that they thought fit. I hand picked a few and their contributions which made up the second verse, ‘And when the sun sleeps at night…’”

What’s so special about grentperez is his ability to make even the most anti-love cynics become hopeless romantics for at least a few minutes in “My Heart It Beats for You.” Sonically, we’re treated to fuzzy guitars and steady percussion that are complemented by grentperez’s inescapable vocals. If you didn’t believe in love before listening to this utterly passionate cut, you sure do now.

“This song in particular has a special place in my heart. Melodically, it feels very warm and stable, very subtly swaying you around like a gentle rock of a boat, while the lyrics somewhat fade from image to image like you’re recollecting memories and feelings that never happened. ‘MYHIBFY’ was heavily inspired by the likings of Lionel Richie, Norah Jones, and Don McLean’s Vincent, to name a few, and I hope that can be pronounced in the production of the song.”

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