Maximillian Pens an Emotional Farewell Ballad to His Best Friend with “Letters”

Photo Credit: Jonas Bie (@jonasbie)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 21, 2021

Copenhagen-based Maximillian got mixed into a questionable crowd as a frazzled teenager, but music eventually became his escape and pushed him to channel all of his heart into songwriting. More than anything, this 22-year-old’s pop ballads are so sincere that you’d fully believe you know him inside and out. Keeping the momentum going, Maximillian is bringing all of the emotions with his soul stirring new single, “Letters.”

Life will always throw you major curveballs along the way, but losing a loved one is quite possibly one of the most difficult challenges, as Maximillian relays in “Letters.” Decorated with lullaby-like melodies, “Letters” somehow manages to make us feel teary eyed and comforted at the same time. If you take anything away from this melancholic cut, we hope you’re reminded of the special people in your life.

On “Letters,” Maximillian shared,

“We’ve all got good friends but there is only one true best friend. Right now, and most likely for many years to come, I can’t be with my best friend. He’s far away–gone–and I miss him. We used to hang out all the time and I know I’ll see him again someday, but for now we only got the letters we write for each other. ‘Letters’ is about the importance of telling the [people] you care the most about in life what they truly mean to you before it’s too late.”

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