Sam MacPherson Has Found His One and Only in “Counts”

Photo Credit: Maxwell Goldberg (@maxwell_goldberg)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 16, 2021

Not only is Sam MacPherson an incredibly talented musician, but he’s also one of the humblest people we’ve been fortunate enough to know. Growing up with The Beatles and Stevie Wonder playing throughout his household, MacPherson realized how much music really means to him at a young age. Ahead of his highly anticipated debut EP, MacPherson is treating us to his delightful new single, “Counts.”

The New Jersey native has been sweeping us off our feet all year long, and “Counts” does the exact same thing. A heartfelt ode to someone very special, “Counts” has MacPherson reassuring this person that they really are the only one who matters to him, and that everything he did in the past is definitely behind him. Instrumentally, “Counts” spoils us with crescendoing guitars, atmospheric strings, and of course, MacPherson’s utterly romantic vocals.

On “Counts,” Sam MacPherson shared,

“You could drive around in your car crying and upset because you miss them, and no one would blame you. That’s fair. But you could also drive around in your car screaming this song at the top of your lungs. I’ll let you decide what’s more fun.”

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