Matilda Cole Relives Her Parents’ Divorce in “Camden”

Photo Credit: Joe Puxley (@joepuxx)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 16, 2021

Based in Brighton, Matilda Cole has undeniably mastered the craft of emotive songwriting that’ll leave you feeling either full or empty. Having only made her graceful debut this year, Cole is quickly rising to the top of our radar with her relatable indie pop ballads. Without further ado, we invite you to sob along to Cole’s soul stirring new single, “Camden.”

For anyone with divorced parents, “Camden” will bring out those deeply rooted memories of what it was like to find out your life would completely change forever. Layered with gritty rhythm guitars and hurting vocals, “Camden” really makes us feel the effects of a fleeting love and doomed relationship. To accompany this slow-burning track is a black-and-white video montage of the humble town of Camden.

On “Camden,” Matilda Cole explained,

“‘Camden’ is really just a song about my parents splitting up. A lot changed for me in a year, and watching their relationship deteriorate, followed by selling the family home was harder for me to handle than I thought it would be. ‘Camden’ really sets the tone for the EP, which is a collection of songs about the reality of growing up.”

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