grentperez’s “Cherry Wine” Is the Loveliest Song of 2021

Photo Credit: Josh Obliga (@jayze.king)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 16, 2021

You can be the judge of this, but we have an inkling that grentperez may have just dropped the loveliest song of 2021. Growing up as the youngest child in a Filipino family, grentperez found his individuality in music and eventually amassed over half a million subscribers on YouTube. With a voice that emits pure bliss, grentperez has unveiled his breathtaking new single, “Cherry Wine.”

On “Cherry Wine,” grentperez shared,

 “I feel as though my music, and this song in particular, has got to be some sort of imaginative gateway to this guy that’s got all the moves and confidence, and experiences a complex love with every song.”

Although there are no confirmed reports of grentperez being an actual angel, his captivating vocals in “Cherry Wine” would suggest otherwise. Even more than that, “Cherry Wine” incorporates the most swoon-worthy strumming and delicate cymbals that’ll totally sweep you off your feet. Lyrically, “Cherry Wine” has grentperez imagining what it’d be like to be the handsome stunner that everyone’s in awe of… but little does he know that he already is that guy.

“I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart and somewhere in the back of my head, I have a few rom-com scenes and moments from TV built up that play over constantly that I subconsciously look back to when I write songs like this. In all honesty, that would be super fun to have interacted with someone in that way, however I don’t think I would have been able to swoon a girl over with my dance moves.”

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