Matilda Mann’s “Stranger (for now)” Is an Ode to Pam and Jim’s Love Story

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 9, 2021

Every generation has a beloved treasure of an artist, and we’d have to admit that Matilda Mann is one of the most enchanting vocalists we’ve ever come across. Based in West London, Mann radiates an untouchable maturity in her elevated songwriting that you’ll never find elsewhere. Exercising her utmost poise and darling personality, Mann has unveiled her mesmerizing new single, “Stranger (for now).”

Inspired by one of pop culture’s most precious romances, “Stranger (for now)” has Mann cherishing the unbreakable bond between The Office’s Pam and Jim. As always, Mann’s intimate crooning puts us in a trance, but the hazy instrumentals of “Stranger (for now)” instantly remind us of a smoky jazz club. More than anything, “Stranger (for now)” will make you wonder if you’ve ever come across the right person at the wrong time…

On “Stranger (for now),” Matilda Mann explained,

“‘Stranger (for now),’ is based [on] the relationship between Jim and Pam from the USA’s ‘The Office.’ It’s about how they kept missing each other, as the other one was always in a relationship, but they both know that they should be together. Sometimes you just need a little bit of time with the wrong person to know who’s right for you.”

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