Clubhouse Brings Some Extra Sunshine to Our Lives with “Flipside”

Photo Credit: Dillion Matthew (@dillonmatthewc)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 9, 2021

Who would’ve known that five best friends from Ohio would make your day? Well, that’s exactly what Clubhouse has been prone to do with their feel good indie pop bangers. For any of you that may be needing a bit more sunshine in your life, Clubhouse is here to lighten your mood with their breezy new single, “Flipside.”

Seeing as how the past year and a half of our lives have been an absolute mess, Clubhouse refuses to let us stay stuck in our minds any longer. Decorated with gentle guitars and playful electronics, “Flipside” incorporates laid back sonics to reinforce the relaxation we’ve all been desperately needing. The accompanying visual follows the Clubhouse fellas as they make the most of every situation with smiles all around.

On “Flipside,” Clubhouse shared,

“‘Flipside’ is like our self-care anthem. The past couple years have been tough on everyone, including myself and sometimes you gotta take time to reset and clear your head. Managing your mental health during turbulent points in your life is crucial in getting through whatever it is you’re going through.”

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