Alexander Wesley Takes Chances with Love in “FIVE/SEVEN”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // September 9, 2021

It seems like we’re becoming an Alexander Wesley fan page at this point, but we’re totally okay with that. Having only made his stunning debut a year ago, it’s incomprehensible how Wesley manages to weaken our knees with every impeccable release. With artistic sensibilities like no one else, Wesley is more than pleased to present his delicate new single, “FIVE/SEVEN.”

On “FIVE/SEVEN,” Alexander Wesley reflected,

“My new track, ‘FIVE/SEVEN’ stems from those moments before a relationship begins where you’re everything to that person other than relationship titles. It’s that in-between, cloudy area of whether the possibility of a relationship will ever be there.”

Being a hopeless romantic can get exhausting, but Wesley reminds us in “FIVE/SEVEN” that life is ridiculously short, so it’s only right that we take chances when it comes to love. In true Wesley fashion, this Ontario darling leaves us absolutely breathless after hearing his exquisitely angelic vocals. Now that you’ve been introduced to Wesley’s irresistible R&B-infused pop, expect him to stay in your mind for the foreseeable future.

“After chatting with close friends about these similar situations we both found ourselves in, I felt the need to pick up an acoustic and write. ‘FIVE/SEVEN’ is a really special song that just flew out of us. It’s these kinds of situations and moments that really make me adore and obsess over writing.”

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