Tessa Rae Empowers Us to Reject Our Exes with “i don’t miss you”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 31, 2021

Although Tessa Rae became infatuated with songwriting at a young age, it wasn’t until after high school that she decided to pursue music seriously. Rae prides herself on writing her own music to keep it as authentic and personal as possible. Now ready to impress you with her evolving sound, Rae has unleashed her playful new single, “i don’t miss you.”

Plenty of lousy exes try to come crawling back into our lives, but Rae empowers us to reject temptation with “i don’t miss you.” Drenched in ebullient keys and gritty percussion, “i don’t miss you” gets us pumped for Rae’s music like never before. If you haven’t already, we highly suggest you add Rae to your radar immediately.

On “i don’t miss you,” Tessa Rae shared,

“‘i don’t miss you’ is anthemic indie rock at its core. It’s the moment you realize you don’t need the person you’ve been longing for all along.”

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