Dylan’s “Nineteen” Is All About Youth, Love, and Heartbreak

Photo Credit: David East (@daveast)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 31, 2021

Dylan is no stranger to crafting shimmery, emotion-fueled alternative pop, and we don’t expect her to stop blowing our minds anytime soon. Although we’d argue that Dylan has seen major successes since her debut in 2019, we sense she has a mighty bright future ahead of her. Turning back the clock, Dylan will make you feel utterly nostalgic with her reflective new single, “Nineteen.”

Written about what it was like to experience what may be the last carefree summer of her life, “Nineteen” has Dylan reminiscing about running away from responsibilities in blue dresses. Between the uplifting choruses and wholesome vocals, “Nineteen” really does make us think back on how stress-free our lives were at one point. By the end of this synth-driven track, we’re more than confident that this is one of Dylan’s best tracks yet.

On “Nineteen,” Dylan shared,

“‘Nineteen’ is a nostalgic song about youth, love, and heartbreak. It’s just about being young, and the summer of [being] 19 was so superior to every other summer because I had no responsibilities, no school, and no reason to be anywhere.”

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