Masati Overcomes Adversity with Soothing R&B in “See Through” 

Photo Credit: Adi Muhtarevic (@adsterphotos)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 17, 2021

Considering the fact that he studied economics in school, it’s a bit more surprising to learn how incredibly determined Masati is to prosper in the music industry. With a genuine appreciation for live and acoustic sonics, Masati incorporates his purest self into his stellar discography, and we really can’t get enough. On a mission to reintroduce the world to what it’s like to create music without worrying about stream counts, Masati is back with a poignant new single, “See Through.”

Since “See Through” revolves around failure and loss, this soothing R&B cut brings out all of our deepest emotions. Sprinkled with atmospheric guitar chords and effortless harmonies, “See Through” is a gorgeous offering that’ll certainly ring in our ears for the foreseeable future. More than anything, this heartfelt track reminds us that everyone faces adversity, but how we overcome these obstacles make us who we are.

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