Bathe’s “Pull Up” Is Smoldering and Introspective Beyond Belief

Photo Credit: Nathan Bajar (@nathanbajarphoto)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 12, 2021

Bathe is one of the most luscious Brooklyn duos we’ve come across yet, and they continue to impress us with every stunning release. Drawing from their Carribean roots and love of R&B, Bathe manages to create precious melodies and effervescent sonics that’ll have you hooked in no time. Whether you’re ready or not, Bathe is here to spoil us with their exquisite new single, “Pull Up.”

Bathe’s latest offering is a smoldering and sultry cut that romanticizes the ungraspable concept of ‘what if.’ While most of us may be too busy to question our seemingly meaningless decisions, Bathe argues that it’s life-changing to acknowledge the inner dialogue you may be pushing aside. After one listen of “Pull Up,” it’s obvious just how insanely gifted these Bathe fellas are when it comes to branding their own version of surf R&B.

On “Pull Up,” Bathe reflected,

“‘Pull Up’ is about those hazy moments of a party — when your inner-voice is caught between telling you to leave and wondering what could happen if you stayed.” 

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