Avery Lynch Is Over “Sh*t People” in Her Life

Photo Credit: Dev Ryan (@dev.ryann)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 12, 2021

Avery Lynch was bitten by the music bug at a young age, and we’re so thrilled to know that she’s still doing what she loves most in this world. In just her first year on TikTok, Lynch amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, but we’re not at all surprised by the fact that all of these people resonate with her heartfelt songwriting. Ready to take 2021 by storm, Lynch is pleased to present her charming new single, “Sh*t People.”

On “Sh*t People,” Avery Lynch explained,

“I think there will always be negativity in life, but it’s the positive people and experiences that push us forward and make life beautiful.”

If you’re feeling daring, we invite you to send “Sh*t People” to everyone who’s ever brought any kind of toxicity into your life. Through playful electronics and wholesome synths, “Sh*t People” reminds us that positivity ultimately triumphs, and that’s all that matters. More than anything, Lynch’s charismatic vocals make us wish this relatable song would never end.

“I wrote this song with the incredibly talented Neisha Grace and the cover art as well as all of the photos were taken and edited by the amazing Dev Ryan. Lastly, thank you to Phil Scully for bringing my song to life. I’m so happy this song is finally yours and there is so much more to come.”

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