Haley Joelle Erases Her Ex with “Goodwill”

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By Alissa Arunarsirakul // August 5, 2021

Trust us when we say Haley Joelle is an incredibly gifted musician that will bring tears to your eyes with the utmost ease. With an ever-growing discography that heavily focuses on heartbreak, Joelle pens brutally emotional lyrics that will resonate with millions around the world. After living in Norway for a year, Joelle made her way to Los Angeles to pursue her music career, and is now treating us to her melancholic new single, “Goodwill.”

Most 21-year-olds have endured their fair share of breakups, but nobody transforms these pivotal moments into music quite like Joelle does with “Goodwill.” Topped off with a stunning strings arrangement, “Goodwill” walks us through a devastating period of Joelle’s life when she was desperate to completely erase someone from her life. Whether you donated your ex’s flannel or shredded their love notes, “Goodwill” will remind you of how much you’ve grown since then.

On “Goodwill,” Haley Joelle shared,

“I wrote “Goodwill” when I had just moved to LA after living in Norway for a year. Everything in my life was moving forward, but I was still trying to move on from my first love. I got rid of all the evidence of us, but the last step was taking the time I needed to heal. It was only when I posted the song on TikTok in late 2020 that I realized how many people resonated with it. It’s still the song I get the most messages about, so I’m excited to finally give my fans what they’ve been asking for.”

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