j ember’s Technology Obsession Worsens in “Killer Killer”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 26, 2021

Seeking inspiration from indie rock legends and the world’s biggest singer-songwriters, j ember has turned himself into an emerging artist you won’t want to miss out on. Whether leaning towards folk or alternative, every j ember track showcases how much effort this dedicated 25-year-old puts into his craft. Ahead of his forthcoming EP, Full Size Render, j ember delivers his relatable new single, “Killer Killer.”

Some of us have always been addicted to our phones, but j ember’s “Killer Killer” suggests that this technology obsession has only worsened throughout the current pandemic. Layered with playful guitars alongside inviting percussion, “Killer Killer” is a wholesome cut that we’d expect to see featured on an indie film soundtrack. After one listen of “Killer Killer,” you’ll have a deeper appreciation for laid back indie rock and j ember.

On “Killer Killer,” j ember shared,

“I made ‘Killer Killer’ on a day where I clocked an embarrassing amount of screen time during the peak of Toronto’s lockdown. I felt exhausted, but forced myself to write a song. It’s about boredom!”

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