Isaac Stuart’s “Saved” Is an Ode to Young Love

Photo Credit: Sam Bennett (@sambennettphoto)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 16, 2021

Isaac Stuart is no stranger to crafting emotional pop ballads, which is only possible because he puts his entire self into his music. At just 22 years old, this multi-instrumentalist has managed to convince us that he’s destined to be pop’s next big thing. If you have some tissues to spare, we invite you to sob along to Stuart’s soul-stirring new single, “Saved.”

On “Saved,” Isaac Stuart shared,

“‘Saved’ is a coming of age story about being young and in love. I tried to encapsulate the euphoric feeling I felt coming out of darker times and into a relationship. It touches on the push and pull of being with someone so magical you can’t quite believe they’re in front of you.”

As if Stuart’s gorgeously authentic vocals aren’t enough, “Saved” also treats us to ethereal instrumentals that transport us to somewhere safe. Because “Saved” revolves around young love, it’s quite remarkable that this slow-burning track brings tears to our eyes instantly. For those of you who’ve yet to add Stuart to your playlists, “Saved” is a must listen.

“It’s like my own three minute song version of one of those heartbreaking 80’s films where I’m the main character and the end makes you cry, but you can’t quite work out if they’re happy or sad tears.”

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