Dava’s “Sticky” Is a Funky Fresh Offering Full of Surprises

Photo Credit: Milo Lee (@milolee11)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 16, 2021

We’ve raved about Dava quite a few times now, and we don’t see ourselves stopping any time soon. Getting her start at coffee shop open mics, Dava has come a long way since then, and her organic following seems to agree. Wavering between R&B and indie pop, Dava is back with her infectious new single, “Sticky.”

What Dava considers the happiest record she’s ever created, “Sticky” is an utterly refreshing cut from this Los Angeles-based stunner. The entire track is comprised of intoxicating electronics and bubbly vocals, but there’s also a fantastic surprise waiting for you at the bridge. To top it off, the “Sticky” visual is such a funky fresh offering saturated with vibrant colors all around.

On “Sticky,” Dava reflected,

“I made ‘Sticky’ with some of my best friends. It’s probably the happiest record we’ve ever created. I was listening to a lot of Gwen and Beastie Boys and throughout the process of making this song we found a lot of freedom in taking such a clean sound and pairing it with the surprise bridge. That’s my favorite thing about music – the freedom of putting as much of you into a song as possible. I think ‘Sticky’ is the perfect record to leave behind before a new era.”

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