Domenic Haynes Leads Us to Musical Salvation with “Sabotage”

Photo Credit: Joel Carillet (@joelcarillet)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 15, 2021

After one listen of Domenic Haynes’ utterly sultry music, you wouldn’t believe this emerging stunner is only 21 years old. Although his style isn’t necessarily bounded to one genre, Haynes surely graces the R&B scene quite often. If you haven’t already been blessed with Haynes’ luscious discography, we invite you to lose your mind to his righteous new single, “Sabotage.”

On “Sabotage,” Domenic Haynes explained,

“‘Sabotage’ mirrors the inhibitions I’ve let rule my world; It’s a check in. I’m sifting through the feelings that arise when realizing, I’ve been the deterrent the entire time. And no facade can cover that up now.”  

Fluctuating between a husky baritone and a piercing falsetto, Haynes is able to captivate us with his dynamic vocals alone in “Sabotage.” As Haynes realizes all of the self-inflicted obstacles in his way, “Sabotage” pushes us to overcome our own inner demons. More than anything, you should let Haynes lead you to musical salvation with this insanely pure track.

“This is one of the most vulnerable moments I’ve ever experienced in my musical expression; all of me is in it. It’s the first time I’ve truly felt seen and acknowledged by myself in the way I’ve longed to my entire life. Thank you to everyone who gifted me their talents in order to bring this to fruition.”

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