Oscar Welsh Deserves to Hear His Bedroom Pop on the “Radio”

Photo Credit: Will LeMay (@wlemay.jpeg)

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 14, 2021

Oscar Welsh has been writing and producing his own music for a few years now, and we’re fully in awe of his undeniable dedication to his craft. After listening to any of his incredible cuts just once, you’ll soon understand why Welsh has become one of our favorite rising acts. Treating us to even more delightfully luscious bedroom pop, Welsh has unveiled his impeccable new single, “Radio.”

Joined by the occasional flute melody, “Radio” showcases Welsh’s signature grooves and irresistible bass lines. Lyrically, this untouchable track suggests that you can actually find sonic gems playing on mainstream radio stations today. Coincidentally, we think we should start a petition to get Welsh’s brilliant hidden hits on the radio immediately. 

On “Radio,” Oscar Welsh explained,

‘Radio’ is a song about those people that hate listening to the radio – it was written when the only thing I could listen to music on in my car is a CD player or the radio, so I got used to it and I argue that actually the radio can play some sick tunes sometimes.”

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