Mila Degray Deals with Unrequited Love in “Skinny Brittle Bones”

By Alissa Arunarsirakul // July 14, 2021

The current pandemic has put a pause on quite a few of our daily lives as of late, but Mila Degray took full advantage of her sudden spare time by finally recording and producing her own music. The Miami native has also revealed that she has a forthcoming debut EP that revolves around toxicity — whether it be internal or external. Back at it again with her sophomore release, Degray continues to impress us with her moody new single, “Skinny Brittle Bones.”

It’s been a minute since we’ve shared some quality alternative rock, but Degray is making our job much easier with “Skinny Brittle Bones.” Inspired by a relatable situation, “Skinny Brittle Bones” has Degray incessantly obsessing over someone who isn’t quite into her. If you’ve ever dealt with unrequited love, allow Degray to respark that memory with “Skinny Brittle Bones.”

On “Skinny Brittle Bones,” Mila Degray reflected,

“I wrote this song to encompass that feeling of obsession eating away at you when someone doesn’t like you the way you like them to the point where they become the only thing you think about.”

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